Leeds International Festival 17

Leeds International Festival (LIF) is an annual citywide event aimed at bringing some of the world’s most talented artists and speakers to the city to celebrate the best in new music, moving image and tech.

We were tasked with creating a striking brand identity that was loud, instantly recognisable and supremely confident, whilst appealing to a wide demographic of pop and geek culture lovers.

The abstract logo marque represents the growth and creativity found within the three key festival strands. Its simplistic design was chosen for its ability to build recognition fast, whilst its slightly awkward, a-symmetrical angles helped to further separate the brand from more high-brow peers.

A hot pink and a bold typeface were used to add extra vibrancy and punch to the identity.

LIF 17's visual language concentrated on layouts that used multiple images mixed with broken type. This approach helped us to develop a distinctive and playful way of communicating the huge amount of variety on offer.

As it was LIF's inaugural year, the colour and brand marque were also given a large proportion of focus which helped us drive brand recognition.

Leeds International Festival 17 programme.

2017 brand launch trailer.

Animated teaser videos were made to introduce each of the strands.

LIF17 website, design and build.

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