Setting out to reimagine what theatre can look like, Transform presents festivals of bold theatre and performance from Leeds and around the world. For Transform16, we developed a new identity and visual language to reflect its strong values, independence and radical character.


Transform aims to channel the socially engaged and radical spirit of the North. Much of our inspiration was drawn from the visual language of historic and contemporary northern protests. Hand brushed typography, bold provocative messaging and DIY materials became the visual foundation on which we based the identity upon.

Transform champions provocative and challenging theatre, but it is also a source for celebration. A bright and distinctive colour scheme was chosen to inject energy and fun into the identity. We experimented with criss-crossing freeform brush stokes to represent the many routes that lead to Leeds - a central location for the UK and the world.

The rollout for the festival included brochures, posters, merchandise and a new website.


The headline show for Transform16 was Wanted; a show in which a diverse group of Leeds residents were asked what they would like to see on stage for 3 minutes. To promote this pioneering theatre project we ran a campaign with hand-made placards of their responses.

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